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Cricket Pastes: Tasty and Nutritious Enjoyment! (200g)

Cricket Pastes: Tasty and Nutritious Enjoyment! (200g)

Be surprised by our cricket pasta with nuts! Our hazelnut cream surpasses any 'Nutella' on the market, both in taste and nutritional value. And the peanut butter is so well flavored that you'll forget all your ex-peanut butter comparisons!

Maximum Flavor Explosion, Minimum Regret

Discard any nut butters filled with palm oil and sugars. This innovation from Sens saves your evening guilty snacks. You can scoop straight from the jar as you please... and now without the guilt!

Hazelnut cream with chocolate

With 5x more hazelnuts and without palm oil, but most importantly: without sugar! Let us convince you that even with this assignment we have managed to make the most delicious 'Nutella' that you can buy! Plus milk chocolate, but made from organic coconut milk!

PS: Most importantly, this pot will nourish your body and muscles with a good dose of quality protein, not just cricket protein.

Peanut cream with salted caramel

Here we let our creamy imagination run wild. When it comes to salted caramel, we go all out - caramelized sugar, backed by the creamy taste of regular milk powder and whey. And Himalayan salt on top!

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