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Worm Nibbles: Discover the Taste Revolution! -Gift Set

Worm Nibbles: Discover the Taste Revolution! -Gift Set

Discover the cracking mealworms as a challenge for the bravest. Next to our crickets, our mealworms really look like a delicacy. The worms are an experience for the real adventurers. We guarantee that even the worms will surprise you with their taste. Sold in a limited edition. Just be brave!

Taste experience in four spicy flavors

We have fine-tuned four fun flavors. You can taste the classic garlic and the exotic taste of chili and lime. We have used only the best natural herbs. The flavors are connected with organic cold-pressed sunflower oil. You will talk about this experience for days.


Designed to have fun

Convenient clear tubes help everyone participate in the experience. And someone else can just start reading the fun facts about eating bugs on the box. Finished? Reuse the tubes as spice jars

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